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See Sample Requirements and Special Instructions for keys to sample codes and special instructions.


Test Code Sample Reqs Assay
T3 T3 B 4 hrs  
T3 (Reverse) RT3 B  [4,7] 10 days 4,7
Tacrolimus/Prograf (FK506)  FK5 A [4] 1-2 days 4
Tay Sachs Screen - 5 common mutations (including common Ashkenazi Jewish) GENE A [9,11] 3 weeks 9,11
TB (pleuralfluid)  TBCU SC up to 8 weeks  
TB Culture  SPU2 SC 4-6 weeks   
TB Culture (Urine)  TBUR 3x EMU up to 8 weeks  
TB Quantiferon®-TB Gold  TBQ J/special tubes [1] 3 days 1
TB Quantiferon®-TB Gold Plus TBQ4 J/special tubes [1] 3 days 1
TB Slopes - Confirmation and Sensitivity TBSL  TB slope (LJ medium-green) [6] up to 8 weeks 6
TDL Screening Profiles DL1-DL12        
Tegretol (Carbamazepine)  CARB B 4 hrs  
Teicoplanin Assay  TEIC B 3 days  
Temazepam  TEMA B 4 days  
Testicular Autoantibodies  TAB B 2 days  
Testicular Tumour Profile  TTP B 4 hrs  
Testosterone * TEST B 4 hrs  
Testosterone (Free)  FTES B 3 days  
Tetanus Screen  TETA B 5 days  
TH1/TH2 cytokine profile 1TH2 H H H Send Mon-Thurs only  
TH1/TH2 Cytokine Ratio 6RF H H H    
Thalassaemia Screen  THSC A 3 days  
Theophylline  THEO B 4 hrs  
Thiopurine Methyl Transferase  TPMT A A [5] 5 days 5
Thrombotic Risk Profile  PROP A A B C C C [18] 3 days 18
Thyroglobulin Assay  TGA B 1 day  
Thyroid Abs THAB B 1 day  
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies/Anti TPO  TPEX B 1 day  
Thyroid Profile 1  TF B 4 hrs  
Thyroid Profile 2  TF2 B 2 days  
Thyroid Profile 3  TF3 B 4 hrs  
Thyroxine (T4) * T4 B 4 hrs  
Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (Coeliac)  TAA B 2 days  
Tissue Transglutaminase IgG  TAAG B 5 days  
Tobramycin Assay (Provide Clinical Details)  TOBR B 3 days  
Topiramate (Topamax)  TOPI B 4 days  
Torch Screen  TORC B 2 days  
Total IgE  IGE B 1 day  
Toxoplasma Antibodies (IgG+IgM)  TFAM B [9] 4 hrs 9
Trace Metal (Blood) Profile TRAC A [13] B B H[13] K  5 days 13
Transferrin * TRAN B 1 day  
Trichomonas vaginalis (Genital)  TVAG Blue Micro Swab  2 days  
Trichomonas vaginalis (Thin Prep) TVPC TPV 5 days  
Trichomonas vaginalis (PCR swab) TVPC  PCR  5 days  
Trichomonas vaginalis (Urine)  TVPC FCRU   5 days  
Triglycerides * TRI B 4 hrs  
Trimipramine  TRIM B 5 days  
Tropical Screen  TROP B B [9,14] 7 days 9,14
Troponin T * TROPT A 4 hrs  
Tryptase  STRY B 3 days  
TSH * TSH B 4 hrs  
TSH-Receptor Antibodies  TSI B 4 days  


* = ISO 15189(296MT)  accredited test, analysed in MLP