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See Sample Requirements and Special Instructions for keys to sample codes and special instructions.


Test Code Sample Reqs Assay
S100 Malignant Melanoma  S100 B 4 days  
Salicyclates  SALI B 4 hrs  
Salivary Duct Antibodies  SAB B 2 days  
Schistosoma (Urine)  USCH Mid-morning terminal urine 4 hrs  
Schistosome (Bilharzia) Antibodies  BILH B [14] 2 days 14
Schistosome Antigen  SHAG B 2 weeks  
Screening Profile 1 (Biochemistry) PP1 B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 2 (Haem/Bio) PP2 A B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 3 (Haematology) PP3 A 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 4 (Haem/Bio Short) PP4 A B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 5 (Haem/Bio Postal) PP5 A B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 6 (Haem/Bio/TF/FERR) PP6 A B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 7 (Haem/Bio/TF/FERR/PSA) PP7 A B G 4 hrs  
Screening Profile 8 (Well Woman) PP8 A B G TPV 2 days  
Screening Profile 9F (Senior Female) PP9F A B G RU, RF 2 days  
Screening Profile 9M (Senior Male) PP9M A B G RU, RF 2 days  
Screening Profile 10 (Cardiovascular Risk 1) PP10 B B 3 days  
Screening Profile 11 (Cardiovascular Risk 2) PP11 B B C [23] 3 days 23
Screening Profile 12 (Sexual Health by PCR) PP12 FCRU/PCR/TPV/Semen 5 days  
Selenium (Red Cell)  SELR A or H 4 days  
Selenium (Serum)  SELE B 4 days  
Sellotape Test  SELL Send Sample 1 day  
Semen Culture  SPCU Semen 2 days  
Semen Leucocytes PMNS Semen 2 days   
Semen Parameters SPOD Semen [1] 1 day 1
Semen, Fructose  SPCF Semen 2 days  
Serotonin  SERT H (Frozen) [1] 5 days 1
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin  SHBG B 4 hrs  
Sexual Health Screen  PP12 FCRU/PCR/TPV/Semen 5 days  
Shigella Abs  SHIG B 3 days  
Sickle Cells  SICK A 2 days  
Silver (Blood) SILV B 5 days  
Silver (Urine) USIL RU 5 days  
Sinequan (Doxepin)  DOXE B 10 days  
Sirolimus  SIRO A 2 days  
Sjrogren's Syndrome RH7 B 2 days  
Skin (Pemphigus/Pemphigoid) Autoantibodies  SKAB B 2 days  
Skin Scrapings/Mycology  SKSC Send Sample 3-4 weeks  
Skin/Mucosal Swab - Viral PCR VPSK PCR 4 days  
Smooth Muscle Antibodies  ASMO B 2 days  
Sodium*  NA B or H 4 hrs  
Somatomedin (IGF-1)  SOMA B (Frozen) [4] 1 day 4
Specific Gravity (Urine)  USG RU 8 hrs  
Sperm Aneuploidy (FISH) SPPL Semen [1] 3-4 weeks 1
Sperm Antibodies (Serum) ASAB B 5 days  
Sperm Antibodies /MAR Test (Semen) ASPA Semen 1 day  
Sperm DNA Fragmentation (SCSA) SEXT Semen [1] 2-3 weeks 1
Sperm Morphology  MRPH Semen [1] 2 days 1
Sports/Performance Profile  SPOR A A A B B B B G K [4] 5 days 4
Sputum for Routine Culture  SPU1 SC 2 days  
Sputum for TB Culture (AFB) SPU2 SC up to 8 weeks  
Squamous Cell Carcinoma  SCC B 4 days  
STD1 Male Profile STD1 B STM FCRU 2 days  
STD2 Male Profile Plus STD2 B STM FCRU 4 days  
STD3 Female Profile STD3 B STM PCR 2 days  
STD4 Female Profile Plus STD4 B STM PCR 4 days  
STD5 Bloods Only STD5 B 4 hrs  
STD6 Bloods Only STD6 B 4 hrs  
STD8 Vaginitis / Bacterial Vaginosis Profile STD8 Contact Lab for BV RNA Swabs 1 day  
STD9 Symptomatic Lesion Sample usinf PCR Swab STD9 PCR 4 days  
STD Profiles STD1-STD9        
STD Quad STDQ B FCRU 2 days  
Steroid Cell Antibody  SCA B 2 days  
Stool for OCP and Culture  SPAR RF 2-3 days  
Stool for OVA Cysts & Parasites  OCP RF 1 day  
Streptomycin Levels  STRM F 5 days  
Striated/Skeletal Muscle Antibody  STRA B 2 days  
Sulpiride  SULP B 4 days  
Suppression with steroid, IVIg and intralipin, NK (CD69) cell assay, TH1/TH2 cytokines    NCIT H H H H Send Mon-Thurs only  
Swab for Culture (Any Site)  SWAB STM 2 days  
Synacthen Stimulation Test  SYNA X 4 hrs  
Synovial Fluid (For Crystals)  FLU2 SC 1 day  
Syphilis by PCR (chancre)  SYPS PCR 5 days  
Syphilis IgG/IgM * SYP B 4 hrs  


* = ISO 15189(296MT)  accredited test, analysed in MLP