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See Sample Requirements and Special Instructions for keys to sample codes and special instructions.


Test Code Sample Reqs Assay
IgE (Total)  IGE B 1 day  
IGF-1 (Somatomedin)  SOMA B (Frozen) [4] 1 day 4
IGF-BP3  IGF3 B 3 days  
IgG Subclasses  IGSC B 3 days  
Imipramine  IMIP B 2 days  
Immunoglobulin - Total IGE B 1 day  
Immunoglobulin A
IGA B 4 hrs  
Immunoglobulin G
IGG B 4 hrs  
Immunoglobulin M IGM B 4 hrs  
Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM, IgA)  IMM B 4 hrs  
Impotence Profile  IMPO A B B G 3 days  
Infertility Profile (Male) 1  MIPR B 4 hrs  
Influenza Screen  INFL B 2 days  
Inhibin B  INIB B (Day 3 of cycle) 4 days  
INR * PTIM C [18] 4 hrs 18
Insect/Worm/Ova/Cysts  FLEA Send Specimen [9,14] 5 days 9,14
Insulin  INSU B 4 hrs  
Insulin Antibodies  INAB B 4 days  
Insulin Resistance  FIRI B G 4 hrs  
Interleukin 1 Beta  ILB Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Interleukin 2  IL2 Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Interleukin 4  IL4 Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Interleukin 6  IL6 Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Interleukin 8 IL8 Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Interleukin 10 IL10 Serum (frozen) 1-2 weeks  
Intrinsic Factor Antibodies  IFAB B 3 days  
Iron * FE B 4 hrs  
Iron Binding Capacity  TIBC B 4 hrs  
Iron Overload Profile  IOP A A B [9] 3 days 9
Iron Status Profile  ISP B 4 hrs  
ISAC Panel ISAC B 7 days  
Islet Cell Antibodies  ICAB B 2 days  
IUCD for Culture  IUCD Send Device 10 days  


* = ISO 15189(296MT)  accredited test, analysed in MLP