HE4 for Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer affects 7000 women every year in the UK.  HE4 shows a higher specificity to ovarian cancer over that of CA12-5 alone. The combination of HE4 and CA12-5 together improves diagnostic sensitivity compared to either marker alone in the detection of ovarian cancer in women with pelvic masses.   In addition, 20% of women with ovarian cancer will not have an elevated CA12-5.  False positive CA12-5 levels are noted in approximately 25% of women.  HE4 together with its partnered CA 12-5 discriminates better between ovarian cancer and benign conditions.  It has also been observed that HE4 serum levels become normal following treatment, suggesting that HE4 could be used for the follow up of ovarian cancer.


Test Code Sample Type Turnaround Time
HE4/CA12-5/ROMA  HE4 B 1 day