Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK (2009), accounting for around 13% of all new cancer cases (men 14%, women 11%). Lung cancer incidence rates in Scotland are among the highest in the world, reflecting the country's history of high smoking prevalence. Lung cancer is typically not diagnosed until physical, non-specific symptoms present - usually, shortness of breath, chest, shoulder or back pain or persistent cough.

How many people survive lung cancer?

  • The earlier diagnosed the better - the five-year survival rate for early stage is 43-73%, while for later stage disease it is 2-13%1
  • The five-year survival rates for men and women diagnosed with lung cancer are 7.3% and 8.7% respectively2

How many people died from lung cancer in UK in 2008?

  • Around 96 people died every day (around 35,000 in 2009)1
  • The most common cause of cancer death in the UK (more than 20% of all cancer related deaths)1

The Oncimmune EarlyCDT®-LUNG is a blood test, measuring a panel of autoantibodies, or markers, to tumour proteins (antigens). The presence of one or more of these autoantibodies provides an early indication of tumour presence. This may be useful for patients with a history of smoking or prolonged exposure to chemicals in the work place. This test detects all types of lung cancer, and whilst it has better positive predictive value performance than CT scans with fewer false positives, it does not replace chest X-ray or CT scans but it may provide earlier signals than imaging alone can provide.
A Moderate or High Level result means that autoantibodies have been detected above a predetermined cut-off and this increased risk may warrant further investigations.
A Low Level result does not mean the patient is cancer-free - they are still at high risk for lung cancer from their existing risk factors and regular screening is therefore likely to continue.

EarlyCDT®-LUNG is performed by Oncimmune in the USA.

Visit and for further information about this test, and access to publications

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Test Code Sample Type Turnaround Time
EarlyCDT®-LUNG  CDTL B  7-9 days