MedLab Pathology provides medical professionals with the laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

Following the successful award of the cervical cytology national screening tender we have established a fully functional cervical cytology laboratory and training unit in Sandyford, Dublin 18. In conjunction with our CAP and CLIA accredited sister laboratory Clinical Pathology Laboratories (Austin, Texas), MedLab Pathology provides a rapid service for liquid based gynaecological samples. Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) samples are processed using the HOLOGIC™ ThinPrep® system and are double screened by two medical scientists.

In addition to providing cytology laboratory services for the cervical cytology national screening tender, MedLab Pathology also processes private cervical cytology smears (Private Cytology Request form). The cytology laboratory provides a rapid service for liquid based gynaecological samples. We are devoted to maintaining and growing the vital skill set of cytology screening in Ireland and to do this we have employed the top scientists and clinicians from the public, private and independent sectors.

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Use of service/Information required

Request forms (MLP private request form and CervicalCheck cervical cytology request form ) that include the patient's name and date of birth need to accompany each sample. This form needs to include appropriate clinical information including the LMP for gynaecological samples. Tick boxes are provided to assist you.
The specimen container also needs to be clearly labelled with patient details. Forms and samples which are mismatched will result in the sample being returned to the sender for correction and will delay to the report turn around time.

Clinical advice

The laboratory is consultant led, with clinical advice and support available by contacting the Consultants through the Laboratory Manager. All abnormal samples are referred to one of the Consultant Cytopathologists for final assessment and reporting. Advice regarding technical detail of the service and for particular tests is available from the Laboratory Manager.

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