CN0042 - Reference Range Changes

CN0043 - ESR Sample Requirements

CN0045 - ESR Sample Viability

CN0046 - Changes to FBC Reports

CN0048 - CD69 Sample Stability

CN0049 - Lp-PLA2 (PLAC) Test

CN0050 - Rosalind Franklin Pathology Testing

CN0051 - Roche Elecsys AMH Assay

CN0052 - Serology Analysis

CN0053 - Test Information and Sample Requirement Update

CN0054 - Update to Serology Analysis

CN0055 - Flecainide Sample requirements

CN0060 - Change to Thrombotic Risk Profile (PROP)

CN0061 - NK Requests

CN0062 - Chain Of Custody Alcohol Level

CN0066 - Genetic Analysis for Cystic Fibrosis

CN0067 - AMH Analysis at MLP

CN0068 - Estradiol New Method and Reference Ranges

CN0070 - Private Cervical Cytology Smears and HPV triage

CN0071 - Confirmatory testing following DOA screening

CN0073 - Potassium reference ranges

CN0074 - Drug Interference affecting Patient results

CN0075 - MLP Mini Anti Mullerian Hormone (MAMH) Analysis at MLP

CN0080 - AMH Sample Stability

CN0081 - Drug Interference with Oestradiol Assay

CN0082 - Vitamin D Analysis

CN0088 - Change in EBV antibody test profile effective 09.01.2017

CN0089 - Quantiferon-TB Gold PLUS (QFT®-PLUS) Kit

CN0090 - Updated AMH Reference ranges and use

CN0091 - Launch of new Folate III assay

CN0092 - Quantiferon-TB Gold PLUS (QFT®-PLUS) KIT- UPDATE

CN0094 - Urinary Chromium and Nickel

CN0098 - Coagulation Screens

CN0099 - Culture and Sensitivity Testing

CN0100 - Change in Malaria Antibodies TAT

CN0101 - Microbiology Service Update

CN0103 - Updated AMH Test name

CN0104 - Fungal Mycology Update September 2017

CN0107 - Christmas 2017 MLP Collections

CN0110 - Reticulin IgA Test Discontinued

CN116 - Updated Reference ranges for Biochemistry

CN117 - HVS Hays Ison Reporting Changes

CN118 - Cytology and HPV update

CN0126 - Christmas 2018 MLP collections

CN0128 - Biotin Interference with Immuno Assays

CN130 - Coeliac Pathway Changes

CN133 - Change to Malaria RDT Kit

CN136 - Change in ANCA Testing Pathway

CN137 - IgG Interference with Total Bilirubin

CN139 - Introduction of Co-Testing for ALL Cervical Cytology Samples

CN139v2 - Introduction of Co-Testing for ALL Cervical Cytology Samples - Updated

CN144 - Change to the Malaria Rapid Diagnostic test

CN122v2 - Temporary increase in Karyotyping Turnaround Time