CN0042 - Reference Range Changes

CN0043 - ESR Sample Requirements

CN0045 - ESR Sample Viability

CN0046 - Changes to FBC Reports

CN0048 - CD69 Sample Stability

CN0049 - Lp-PLA2 (PLAC) Test

CN0050 - Rosalind Franklin Pathology Testing

CN0051 - Roche Elecsys AMH Assay

CN0052 - Serology Analysis

CN0053 - Test Information and Sample Requirement Update

CN0054 - Update to Serology Analysis

CN0055 - Flecainide Sample requirements

CN0060 - Change to Thrombotic Risk Profile (PROP)

CN0061 - NK Requests

CN0062 - Chain Of Custody Alcohol Level

CN0066 - Genetic Analysis for Cystic Fibrosis

CN0067 - AMH Analysis at MLP

CN0068 - Estradiol New Method and Reference Ranges

CN0070 - Private Cervical Cytology Smears and HPV triage

CN0071 - Confirmatory testing following DOA screening

CN0073 - Potassium reference ranges

CN0074 - Drug Interference affecting Patient results

CN0075 - MLP Mini Anti Mullerian Hormone (MAMH) Analysis at MLP

CN0080 - AMH Sample Stability

CN0081 - Drug Interference with Oestradiol Assay

CN0082 - Vitamin D Analysis

CN0088 - Change in EBV antibody test profile effective 09.01.2017

CN0089 - Quantiferon-TB Gold PLUS (QFT®-PLUS) Kit

CN0090 - Updated AMH Reference ranges and use

CN0091 - Launch of new Folate III assay

CN0092 - Quantiferon-TB Gold PLUS (QFT®-PLUS) KIT- UPDATE

CN0094 - Urinary Chromium and Nickel

CN0098 - Coagulation Screens

CN0099 - Culture and Sensitivity Testing

CN0100 - Change in Malaria Antibodies TAT

CN0101 - Microbiology Service Update

CN0103 - Updated AMH Test name

CN0104 - Fungal Mycology Update September 2017

CN0107 - Christmas 2017 MLP Collections

CN0110 - Reticulin IgA Test Discontinued

CN116 - Updated Reference ranges for Biochemistry

CN117 - HVS Hays Ison Reporting Changes

CN118 - Cytology and HPV update

CN0126 - Christmas 2018 MLP collections

CN0128 - Biotin Interference with Immuno Assays

CN130 - Coeliac Pathway Changes

CN133 - Change to Malaria RDT Kit

CN136 - Change in ANCA Testing Pathway

CN137 - IgG Interference with Total Bilirubin

CN139 - Introduction of Co-Testing for ALL Cervical Cytology Samples

CN139v2 - Introduction of Co-Testing for ALL Cervical Cytology Samples - Updated

CN139v3 - Reminder for the  Introduction of Co-Testing for All Private Cervical Cytology Samples

CN144 - Change to the Malaria Rapid Diagnostic test

CN122v2 - Temporary increase in Karyotyping Turnaround Time

CN146 Potential interference with Creatinine, Bicarbonate (CO2) and CRP tests

CN147 Update to reporting of FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test)

CN148 Update to reporting units and reference ranges

CN149 Client Notification Temporary Reagent Shortage for Harmony tests

CN149v2 - Restoration of normal services for Harmony Tests

CN150 - Change in Methylmalonic Acid (MMAS) reference range 

CN151 - Temporary Suspension of PTHrP Analysis

CN152 - Client Notification Reminder for the Supply and delivery of Stock Orders

CN153 - Delay in turnaround time for Mycology/Skin Scrapings by PCR DERM 

CN153 v.2 - Restoration of normal services for Mycology Skin Scrapings by PCR DERM

CN154 - Change in Hep B DNA Viral Load (DNAB) Reference Range 

CN155 - Change in reporting format of Early Detection Screen PCR NAAT STDX 

CN156 - Christmas 2019 MLP Postal dates

CN157 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - SAOLTA

CN158 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - CUMH

CN159 - Christmas 2019 MLP Collections - Main Schedule v2

CN160 - HPRA Safety Notice SN2019 (31), Sulfadalazine Interference with laboratory tests

CN161 - Update to reporting of lipid profile

CN162 - Change of adjusted calcium calculations

CN163 - Change to reference range for Urine Mercury-Creatinine Ratio

CN164 - Phospholipid IgG (PLIP) test being discontinued

CN165 - Heb B immunity Notification

CN166 - Discontinuation of Mycoplasma Urea Plasma Cultures (MYCS)